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Morpheus8 uses a hand-held device with microneedles and radio frequency to help with collagen production, skin tightening, scars, stretch marks, acne, acne scars, and adipose fat remodeling. This technology allows the injector control the depth of the needles and strength of the radio frequency to give you optimal results. Morpheus8 technology allows the needles to penetrate as deep as 4mm compared to other devices on the market. Depending on your skin concerns, the depth and energy of radio frequency will be adjusted. 

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How much does Morpheus8 cost? 

*Face & Neck


-$1,500 Single Treatment  

-$3,500 3 Pack Treatment  

-$250 Add on Decolletage (Chest) 


*Morpheus8 Prime

Around Eyes or Mouth Only 

-$500 Single Treatment 

-$1,250 3 Pack Treatment 


*Morpheus8 Body 

-$1,750 Single Treatment  

-$4,500 3 Pack Treatment 

*Add on PRP to any service services

cost: $250

What areas can Morpheus8 treat?


-Around Eyes (Morpheus8 Prime) 

-Around Mouth (Morpheus8 Prime) 

-Full Face & Neck 


-Abdomen and Flanks 


-Back and Bra roll 


-Around Knees 




How fast will I see the results? 

The results after your Morpheus8 treatment are seen more after week 3 post-treatment. Research shows that after one session of Morpheus8, collagen stimulation continues for up to 6-9 months. As collagen production continues, your results will continue to improve. The best results are seen after three treatments, each treatment done 4-6 weeks apart from one other. 


What is the downtime for morpheus8 treatments? 

Morpheus8 has little downtime that averages 2-7 days if bruising occurs. For most patients receiving this treatment, redness, swelling, and minor bruising are the most common side effects after treatment. After receiving this treatment, it is very common to have slight redness and swelling for about 2-4 days.   


What is the aftercare for Morpheus8? 

For 3 days you will not be allowed to wear any makeup in the treated area(s) to help avoid infection from open skin points. You will also need to avoid long sun exposure for the first two days. Avoiding exfoliation and using retinol for a week is recommended to help prevent skin irritation. After receiving your Morpheus8 treatment, you will receive a Post-Procedure Solution Kit to be used for at least one-week post treatment for optimal healing time. If you have a history of Herpes virus (cold sores), medication will be given to you at the end of treatment to help prevent the virus break out.  


How many treatments are recommended? 

A series of 3 treatments is recommended for optimal results. Depending on your skin needs and status, more sessions may be recommended. Each session is done every 4-6 weeks apart. After your initial series of treatments, one treatment every 6 months is recommended to continue maintaining your results.  



Before and aftercare


Before scheduling for Morpheus8, you must avoid using retinol for a week before the treatment to prevent skin irritation. Unlike regular micro needling, with Morpheus8 it is ok to have active and cystic acne as this treatment can help treat acne and acne scars. For men, it is recommended to shave two days before so the device can have as much skin contact throughout the treatment for better results. To help prevent bruising as much as possible, it is recommended to avoid blood thinners such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Fish oils, Vitamin E, and other over-the-counter blood thinners for a week and no alcohol for 24 hours before the treatment. 


After your Morpheus8 treatment, it is common to see redness of your skin for up to a week. The best way to describe how your skin appears is like a “light sunburn”. Because Morpheus8 uses a 24-needle hand held device, bruising is always a possibility. Avoiding skin direct sun exposure, exfoliation, waxing, and the use of retinol for a week after treatment is recommended to help prevent skin irritation. When you are done with your treatment, you will be given a FREE Post-Procedure Solution Kit to be used for at least one-week post-treatment for optimal healing time. 

& afters.

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Morpheus8 face & neck
Before and After
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Morpheus8 neck
Before and After
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