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Orthopedic Regenerative Injection Therapies

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PRP Therapy:

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a cutting-edge medical procedure that utilizes the healing properties of one's own blood to promote tissue regeneration and accelerate the natural healing process. Our website is dedicated to providing insightful information about PRP Therapy, offering a comprehensive resource for those seeking to understand its applications, benefits, and potential outcomes.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

PRP uses the patient’s own growth factors obtained by separating patients’ blood components

and removing the RBC’s through the process of double centrifusion. The healing properties of PRP therapy are attributed to the increased concentration of growth factors and secretory proteins that enhance the healing process on a cellular level. PRP therapy has gained recent popularity because many professional athletes find that the benefits of this therapy allow them to return to the playing field with rapid healing of their condition.

Common Musculoskeletal conditions treated with PRP:

  •  Shoulder Disorders (Arthritis, Bursitis, and Rotator Cuff Repairs)

  •  Tendonitis such as Tennis Elbow

  •  Achilles tendon problems

  •  Heel spur syndrome

  •  Osteoarthritis of the knee including anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries

  •  Hip arthritis

  •  Knee pain

  •  Arthritic conditions

  •  Low back pain

  •  Pelvic pain and instability

  •  Back and neck injuries

  •  Ankle sprains

  •  Tendonitis

  •  Ligament sprains

Because the goal of PRP therapy is to resolve pain through healing, it could prove to have lasting results. Initial improvement may be seen within a few weeks, gradually increasing as the healing progresses. Research studies and clinical practice have shown PRP therapy to be very effective at relieving pain and returningpatients to  their normal lives.

What is the cost of PRP injections?

- $875 single joint injection

Prolotherapy Injections

Prolotherapy (aka Regenerative Injection Therapy – RIT), also known as ligament reconstructive therapy or sclerotherapy, is a recognized nonsurgical procedure that stimulates the body’s natural processes to strengthen joints weakened by trauma or arthritis. Joints are weakened when ligaments and tendons are stretched,  torn, or fragmented, and become hypermobile and painful.


Conditions which respond to Prolotherapy:

  •  TMJ Pain

  •  Shoulder Pain

  •  Rotator Cuff

  •  Elbow Pain

  •  Tennis Elbows

  •  Wrist Pain

  •  Arthritis of the Hand

  •  Knee Pain

  •  Cartilage Injury

  •  ACL Strain

  •  Headaches

  •  Neck Pain

  •  Upper back pain

  •  Low back Pain

  •  Sacroiliac Pain

  •  Sciatica

  •  Ankle Sprains

  •  Foot Pain

  •  Arch & heel pain

What is the cost of Prolotherapy injections?

- $275 single joint injection

Prolozone Injections

Prolozone Therapy™ is a treatment where we use ozone gas to cause the proliferation, regeneration, and rebuilding of new ligament, tendon and cartilage tissue in areas where theyhave become weakened. Prolozone works by improving oxygen utilization in a localized area of damaged connective tissue, allowing it to heal, and restore full function. The injected ozone increases the blood supply and flow of healing nutrients and the tissues get what they need to heal. More importantly, it also stimulates the deposition and activity of fibroblasts and chondroblasts. These cells synthesize the collagen and cartilage that the body needs to strengthen and tightens the injured tissues; thereby stabilizing the area, and removing the cause of the pain. Nutrient and blood circulation to the damaged area is re-established, and the treatment is complete. By treating the cause of pain, prolozone eliminates the sensation of pain. Prolozone is an extremely safe and effective treatment to not just ease pain, but to treat the cause of pain: decreased oxygen utilization. This technique can be used to treat the pain of any kind.

Conditions that are treated with Prolozone:

  •  Neck Pain

  •  Headaches

  •  TMJ Syndrome

  •  Whiplash

  •  Degenerated discs

  •  Herniated Discs

  •  Rotator Cuff pain due to tears

  •  Tennis Elbow

  •  Golfer’s Elbow

  •  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  •  Hip Pain

  •  Knee Pain

  •  Torn Meniscus

  •  Low Back Pain

  •  Sciatica

  •  Plantar Fasciitis

  •  Bone on Bone Conditions

  •  Sports Injuries

  •  Post-Surgical Pain

  •  Prosthetic Joints

  •  Osteoarthritis

  •  Fibromyalgia

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

What is the cost of Prolozone injections?

- $300 single joint injection

Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Trigger point injections (TPI’s) are used to treat painful areas of muscle that irritate surrounding nerves and cause pain. TPI is used to alleviate myofascial pain syndrome 

(chronic pain involving tissue that surrounds muscle).

The beneficial effects can usually be seen almost immediately with relaxation of tender and tight muscles and reduced pain with movement. Trigger point injections can be used in conjunction prolotherapy, prolozone, and platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Trigger points accompany chronic musculoskeletal disorders including:

  •  Neck pain

  •  Lower back pain

  •  Fibromyalgia

  •  Myofascial pain syndrome

  •  Headaches

  •  Temporomandibular (TMJ) pain

What is the cost of Trigger Point Injections?

- $165 single joint injection

- $199 single joint injection with acupuncture & infra-red-light therapy

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