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Lipo Dissolve

Lipo dissolve injections use deoxycholic acid injections that help destroy fat cells in areas such as the submental area (double chin), cheeks, back (bra roll), flanks, inner and outer thighs and abdomen. The brand name of deoxycholic acid is known as Kybella TM, but here at we use a compounded formula that is a stronger dose. It is important to understand that these injections are not used as a weight loss solution or to eliminate visceral fat.  

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How many treatments will you need? 

Depending on the area that you are treating and how much fat is present, we will determine how many treatments are recommended. An average of 2-4 treatment is recommended for optimal results. Each treatment is spaced 4-6 weeks apart from one another to allow for swelling and healing to occur.  


What is the cost of lipo dissolve injections? 

-Single treatment: $600 

-4 Pack treatment: $2,000 


How long does the swelling last after treatment? 

The most swelling happens during the first week and then slowly starts to subside. The swelling can take up to 4 weeks to go down, which is why we wait before performing a following treatment. Using arnica, bromelain and over the counter anti-inflammatory medications you can help the swelling subside faster.  


What are possible side effects of lipo dissolve? 

Swelling, bruising, redness, hardness and burning sensation are the most common side effects seen after lipo dissolve deoxycholic injections. Uneven results may be seen as fat cells become dissolved, which is why multiple results to completely remove fat pockets is recommended.  


What is the before and after care for lipo dissolve injections? 

Before your appointment it is very important that you avoid blood thinners for at least one week. Avoiding blood thinners such as ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, St. John’s Wort, ginger, garlic, ginkgo biloba, vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils), and other anti-inflammatory medications will help decrease the amount of bruising after your procedure. Please avoid any alcohol intake for at least 24-hours prior and after your appointment to help decrease the amount of bruising.  


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Lipo Dissolve Injections for Double Chin


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