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Exosomes for
Hair Restoration 

Exosomes are stem-cell-derived growth factors that help with cell signaling to help regenerate the hair follicles leading to hair growth. After receiving treatment with exosomes, new hair can continue to grow over the course of a year with the most noticeable results seen at 6 months after recommended treatments. The exosomes are injected into your scalp using a small needle and you are numbed with topical numbing cream for 20 minutes before being injected.  


How many treatments do I need? 


A minimum of 3 treatments using one 5ml vial per treatment is recommended to achieve optimal results. One treatment is done every 4-6 weeks apart from one another.  


Exosomes can be combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair restoration treatments or used alone. 

What is the downtime after the treatment? 


After being injected with exosomes for hair restoration you will not be able to wash your hair until the night of the procedure with warm water only. You cannot wash with shampoo or conditioner until the day after your treatment. Be sure that you avoid any anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aspirin, or other NSAD’s as these medications interrupt cell signaling and can interfere with the effectiveness of your treatment.  


What is the cost? 


Cost of Treatment: 

-$1,200/5ml Vial

-$1,000/5ml Vial when added to PRP Hair Treatment

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